Hypnosis certainly is conversation icebreaker.  Whenever I tell people that I am a hypnotist the conversation gets really interesting.  People are naturally curious and inquisitive about hypnosis.  They’ve seen it on TV, as a kid I recall watching Scooby Doo and seeing the gang often becoming hypnotised.  The truth is hypnosis is not like how most TV shows it.  

There are I guess 3 categories of how hypnosis feels. Some people will report feelings of heaviness, that might be a weight to the body, feeling like they are stuck to the chair because of how heavy the body feels as it just lets got and allows gravity to weigh it down.  Others might say they feel light and floaty, weightless even and then there are those who say that they felt like they were just sat in a chair listening to my voice.

There is not one specific way that’s right to experience hypnosis, every individual has their own personal experience.  Quite often people will say something like I didn’t want to come back, I was really enjoying that. Everyone I have ever worked with has enjoyed the experience and found it to be pleasant.  

For me personally, I love hypnosis, I guess you could call me a hypno junkie because I will take any opportunity to go into hypnosis.  I love to take real time out, to be with just me, to let the thoughts be put to one side.  I love the tranquillity and harmony it brings me.  I find following hypnosis I sleep well that night and I feel uplifted for the rest of the day. Whilst in hypnosis I experience weightlessness so much so that to me I feel like I don’t have a physical form, a body.  I feel like it’s the non physical me.  It’s a strange feeling to describe but it is so pleasant and enjoyable it’s like the world around me ceases to exist for a while and I enter my own universe, it feels infinite.  

I wonder how hypnosis will feel like for you when you experience it.