Anxiety & Panic


With the current COVID -19 pandemic its unsurprising to hear that people struggling with their mental health has increased significantly.

Anxiety can range from very mild to severe. However, anxiety affects you the good news is, you can overcome it using my techniques and tools.

Anxiety can affect people in so many different ways, it might be in the way of upset stomachs, headaches, nausea. And it can even bring about other illnesses as your body tries to create something for you to get you out of that social event.

Have you ever noticed how you suddenly are too ill to go to a certain event and then by the time said event would be over you’ve magically recovered? Yep, you can blame anxiety for that.



Panic attacks are a more severe side of anxiety. Whilst it may feel like you are going to die whilst having a panic attack, it is reassuring to know that no one has ever died from having one. It can be particularly distressing to experience a panic attack.

However, you will be pleased to know that there are many different techniques you can use to interrupt the pattern of behaviour of a panic attack. If you address the root cause of the panic attack (most often this is only known on a subconscious level) then you can even completely stop them.

By using hypnosis and NLP techniques you can begin to understand and resolve the underlying issue and then know that you have the tools in your arsenal should you ever need them.

I’m here to help

I have had significant success with helping clients deal with anxiety and panic, which has led to them living what they would call a normal life, a life where they can get back to going to social occasions or doing the food shopping or even driving. For some they have managed to improve their finances as they no longer kept taking sick days due to anxiety.

Here are my top 5 tips to cope with anxiety/panic.

  1. Relax. It is so important to take time for you to unwind. Whether it is having a soak in the bath with candles or meditating.
  2. Deep breaths. Taking slow deep breaths will help steady your pulse and will naturally put you into a state of relaxation.
  3. Acknowledge the anxiety or panic when it shows itself. Tell someone who you are with that you are feeling anxious/panicky. It will take the power away from the anxiety and put you in control.
  4. Do something to distract you. If you are having a panic attack, count back from 250 in 7. Do square roots of numbers. As long as if it is challenging your brain, it will create a distraction, it will be hard at first as you fight your body but after a few minutes it will become easier to concentrate on the numbers rather than concentrating on the panic attack.
  5. Focus on what you are grateful for. At the end of each day write a gratitude diary. This will lead to thinking in a more positive way and will change your focus on what’s going wrong to what is going right!

If you are ready to say goodbye to anxiety and panic then please schedule your strategy call with me now. Overcoming anxiety and panic are very close to me because I too went through years of my own hell of living with it. I am very passionate and dedicated to helping others overcome anxiety and get back to enjoying life.

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

1. Book your free strategy call with me.  Its just 30 minutes long.  Here we will find out how anxiety and panic have been affecting you and create a personalised plan for you.

2. Attend your appointments.  Here we will use various techniques and tools from Hypnosis and NLP.  After your first appointment you will notice a difference.

3. Get back to enjoying life, knowing that you have all the resources you need and are now in control.

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"My life has changed since I met Nicole. She has been so supportive and her knowledge of hypnotherapy and NLP are second to none. After only one session I was able to let go of the hold my narcissistic mother had over me. The negative self talk is dramatically reduced, my confidence increased and I feel able to believe in myself once again. If you have anything in your life that is holding you back, speak to Nicole, you won’t be disappointed."

Email Testimonial from C.S December 2021

"Nicole has huge empathy and gets straight to the point of the problem; her concise questions helped her to understand very quickly how she could help me with managing some chronic pain. And she certainly did help me! Within just one session, my pain was hugely reduced and a couple of days later, it dawned on me that I wasn’t actually in pain any more! Nicole’s soothing tones and guidance had made a massive difference and this had been achieved through a process that was so relaxing and enjoyable that I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Nicole again. She’s a star!"

Google Review from Karyn Wilkins December 2021

"oh my gosh, sending you a huge thanks for last night. I feel different, lighter and my shoulders do not feel so tense. Something feels like it is missing, but in the best way. I am also smiling more!"

Email review from J.P 10th November 2021