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What’s keeping you up at night?

Sleep, we all know we need it, so why can at times it seem impossible to obtain? Do you know how many hours of sleep you should be aiming for a night? What is more important sleep quantity or sleep quality? All creatures great and small require sleep, it's part of...

Escaping the winter blues

Here in the UK the winter blues can start kicking in as early as November.  The days are short, dark and often damp. Yuk! I'm not a fan. This year, I falsley believed I would escape the annual winter blues that normally settles in.  How wrong was I.  It sneaks up...

Escape the winter blues

How to keep calm for your summer travels

Summer, the season of the great summer getaway.  I wonder if it fills you with excitement or dread, or perhaps a bit of both.  The thing is travelling can be quite stressful for some people.  For some its the pre-holiday organising making sure everything is going...

summer holiday fun

Why Hypnosis isn’t talking therapy

So often people come to see a hypnotherapist as a last resort.  They've already tried other therapies and just about given up of hope of the situation resolving.  By the time my clients have come to me they've already talked and talked and talked and talked about...

My problem with the word diet

Diet.  How is it that a word that began with great intentions of representing health & change change became such a dirty word that people now groan at the word? I hear people around me all the time talking about going on a diet, or that they've started a new...

Diet, weight loss, hypnosis for weight loss

Why we don’t want to ‘lose’ weight

We all want to lose weight, right? Wrong.  Now hear me out for a moment.  You see I have a problem with the term 'lose weight'  whilst we understand what that means we are also not considering the fact that when someone loses something they then begin to search and...

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