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This is a process that begins with you…

I’ve put together a brief process that really streamlines how it is that we can set the plan for your own success. There’s a calendar below.  This will link you directly to my personal calendar where you can easily schedule a specific time to talk directly with me.  Once you’ve done that there’s a brief application that I’d like you to fill out. The benefit of this is for you.

  1. It’s going to help you to focus on what goals would you like to accomplish.
  2. It’s going to help you focus on what stories, what things of the past you ready to let go of.
  3. It’s going to help us to really refine how it is we’re going to set the plan for your success together.

Because after you’ve done that, after you’ve scheduled a time, we’re going to get on the phone together, you and me directly, talking together about this goal. We’ll talk about the changes you’d like to create based on what you’ve shared before. We’ll then talk about hypnosis, of course, I’ll explain it in more detail. We’ll talk about what it is as well as, well, what it’s not. And then from there, if I feel I can help you out, I’ll explain how we can get started. Because, again, it’s a process that begins with you. It’s my job to be your advocate for change. It’s my job to give you the most effective process and the most efficient use of your time. In this way, we can really focus on those outcomes, really create the perfect process for you and, even better, give you the skills necessary. So take some time, you owe it to yourself to give these prompts below, some specific thought and insight, and answer them honestly because then from there, that’s where you’ll schedule some time, we’ll have that conversation and get to work as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to meeting you.