Empowerment Breakthrough

Are you feeling lost in your life? Unsure of which direction to take you life? Feel like you need an overhaul?

If you feel like you have multiple issues that need resolving, then the empowerment breakthrough is going to be the best option for you.

Empowerment breakthroughs can be used for all areas of your life, it will help you to define your goals and work on changing/improving your neurological levels to help you achieve the results you want.

What the empowerment breakthrough offers you is a chance to let go of negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear & guilt) and any limiting beliefs that you may have.

You will get to understand your values around each area in your life and address any issues you may have. Once all the groundwork is done you will then begin to install new empowering beliefs, confidence, boost your self esteem and anything else that you believe you would benefit from.

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The Empowerment Breakthrough is quite intensive.

It can be done over a couple of days or broken down into smaller sections over a few weeks.

Generally everything will be completed within 6 sessions – however the length of the sessions will vary from person to person and session to session based on your own individual needs.

This isn’t a pre-written programme but something that is created specifically for you and your needs.

This is my most popular option for clients because it is seen as an opportunity to completely overhaul everything.

Although you aren’t getting a physically upgrade or reprogramming it would be like getting the 2.0 version of yourself.

The breakthrough can also be used for couples the second person would benefit from a 25% discount.

If you are interested in finding out if a breakthrough session is what you could benefit most from right now then contact me today.

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Benefits of Hypnotherapy

There are so any benefits of hypnosis.  I often find that clients report back to me that not only did hypnotherapy help with their initial problem but also with other things that they hadn’t considered.  The biggest one that people notice is that their personal relationships improve so much because they are no longer holding on to negative emotions such as anger or resentment, or because they’ve been so wrapped up in anxiety that they didn’t process the fact that their partner was affectionate

Many people find that after receiving hypnosis they are able to relax easier, have a greater sense of well-being, lower pulse rate, reduced blood pressure and even improved sleep. 

Read my reviews to see just some of the benefits my clients have enjoyed following their appointments with me.