Live Online Workshop

Build a Money Mindset

Thursday 28th September
7pm UK/ New York 3pm / Dubai 11pm


Please allow at least an hour for this session.


About the Workshop

Have you ever found yourself grappling with doubts about your financial abilities? Maybe you’ve attributed your financial struggles to the state of the economy or convinced yourself that your clients are perpetually tight on funds. Have you ever questioned your aptitude for navigating the world of business? It’s time to take a closer look at these self-imposed limitations on your earning potential.

Let’s talk about “money blocks” – those sneaky, self-limiting beliefs we carry about money. These beliefs have a knack for undermining our success without our conscious awareness. Instead of holding ourselves accountable for our financial situations, we often point fingers at external factors.

The reality is that money blocks are a widespread issue that afflicts many of us. These limiting beliefs frequently take root in our psyche at an early age. Perhaps you grew up in a household where money was always in short supply, or maybe you absorbed someone else’s notion that money is hard to come by, doesn’t buy happiness, or is somehow evil. The list of limiting beliefs goes on, and they can seriously hinder your financial growth.

So, why do prices for goods like clothing and food vary so dramatically from one store to another? The answer lies in the client base you choose to align yourself with. It’s time to break free from your money blocks, redefine your financial mindset, and position yourself to thrive.

Join us on a transformative journey to overcome these money blocks and unlock your true earning potential. Don’t let these self-sabotaging beliefs hold you back any longer. It’s time to take control of your financial future.

Are you ready to transform your relationship with money? Don’t miss this opportunity to thrive in your practice and in your life. Join us now!

Imagine, for a moment, a life unburdened by the weight of old, limiting beliefs about money. Picture a reality where fear of financial matters is but a distant memory, where your worth is truly recognized and rewarded. Envision a future where a positive money mindset becomes your greatest asset. Just pause and consider: how invaluable could such a transformation be for you? What doors might it swing wide open in your life?

Mark your calendar for Thursday, the 28th of September, as Beryl Comar invites you to embark on an exhilarating journey towards liberating yourself from the shackles of outdated money-related barriers. In the span of a single, invigorating hour, you’ll explore the potent realm of EFT, a powerful tool that can harmonize your body’s energy system by engaging specific acupressure points and reinforcing them with affirmations.

While we can’t promise you instant millionaire status, we can promise you this: we’ll equip you with the tools to begin to shed the layers of doubt and hesitation that have held you back. We’ll help you cultivate a mindset that welcomes prosperity with open arms.

Remember, what we choose to focus on often becomes our reality. Just ponder the limitless possibilities awaiting you as you shift your focus towards the belief that greater success is not only achievable but inevitable. This event is your stepping stone to a brighter, more prosperous future. Will you take the first step towards it?


Only £7 for this 1 hour workshop

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Interested to learn more about the benefits of EFT? Bwlow you will find a list of things EFT has been useful for and a link to case studies.

Visit for case studies and DVDs on all of the following issues.

♦ Weight Loss

♦ Anxiety/Panic Attacks

♦ Eating Disorders

♦ Relationship Issues

♦ Anger Management

♦ Children’s Behavior

♦ Dyslexia

♦ Allergies

♦ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

♦ Asthma

♦  Insomnia

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

♦Pain Management

♦ Women’s Issues

♦ Men’s Issues

♦ Self Worth/Self Esteem

♦ Abundance

♦ Sports Performance

♦ Spiritual Connection

♦ Phobias

♦ War Trauma (PTSD)

♦ Sexual Abuse Trauma

♦ Addictions

♦ Depression

♦ High Blood Pressure

♦ Fibromyalgia

♦ Migraine Headaches

♦ Chronic Fatigue

♦ Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder

♦ Cancer

♦ Parkinson’s Disease

♦ Muscular Dystrophy

♦ Multiple Sclerosis

♦ Rheumatoid Arthritis

♦ Cystic Fibrosis

♦ Diabetes

♦ Hepatitis C

♦ Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Beryl Comar

About Beryl Comar

Beryl Comar is known around the world for her skill and tenacity. Being the first to bring Hypnosis, NLP, EFT and SleepTalk coaching and training to Dubai, the Middle East and beyond.
Beryl has helped thousands of clients overcome their issues and achieve their goals, she has also trained hypnotists now working in MENA as well as the UK, USA, Europe, India and Australia.

Beryl is a former university and British Council teacher trainer with over 30 years experience of NLP and Hypnosis. Trained by Gerald Kein, Cal Banyan and Stephen Parkhill.

Author of the acclaimed manual “HypnoDontics” which has been translated into 3 languages and “HypnoKids” published in Arabic.

Founder of the Broken Heart Cure protocol.

Awards include NGH; Award of the Braid 2010, Hallmark Award 2014, NFNLP Trainer of the Year 2006, HCT Founders Award 1989 from Shk Nahayan bin Mubarak, Forensic Hypnotist 2004, NLP Trainer Dubai Police 2009-present.

Now Beryl lives in Spain and her focus is primarily on working with people who have dementia, helping them and their carer’s.

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What Our Previous Students are Saying

I enjoyed the Beryl’s NLP training very much

I love her teaching style and the wonderful stories she tells and the way she weaves them into the course.

She brings the NLP techniques alive by her wonderful use of language.

I have learned so much and used it with clients.



As a recently qualified hypnotist I am interested in building my skills base to become an emotional intelligence therapist. I chose to study with Beryl Comar because she is a giant in my field. Beryl has 40 years of experience in Hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, multiple qualifications plus a huge wealth of life experiences to make her a rounded practitioner and a skilled, hands on empathetic teacher. With Beryl learning happens in a conscious and subconscious way by just absorbing and modelling her. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Beryl. Thanks to Beryl and everyone who made it possible.



I have recently completed Beryl’s NLP course and I was blown away by the content and learning I experienced. For me this was a massive learning curve and helped me to create that lightbulb moment that I’ve never had before when I’ve completed other course, and brought it all together for me in a way that made perfect sense. 

Beryl’s approach and learning style is second to none, she has a Knack of making everything look so easy and wastes no time in getting you to practice your skills with other students which is a huge confidence boost when you see these techniques work.

This course has also taken me a step closer in my own journey of setting up my business and has helped me to change my attitude towards things and given me a different perspective on what I can achieve.


“I’ve been doing energy healing work since 2000. My jaw still drops at the results. I’ve lost count of the number of phobias, panic & anxiety attacks, traumatic memories, guilt, grief and physical ailments that have been elegantly relieved (often in minutes) by this process. Even though EFT violates just about every conventional belief out there, results remain remarkable. EFT isn’t perfect, of course. We don’t get 100%. But it usually works well and the results are sometimes spectacular.

It often works where nothing else will.”

Terms & conditions

An internet connection and zoom access are required for this training.

If the workshop is affected due to illness of Beryl Comar an alternative date will be rescheduled. A refund will be offered to those who cannot attend the new dates.

Please attend on time. If you do join us late, please note that you might be joining during audience participation, join in the best you can.

You will require your video and microphone to be working.

All content is copyright of Beryl Comar and must not be re-distributed, copied or shared.

Clips, screenshots and demonstrations from this training may be used for promotional, marketing and training reasons. If you do not wish for images/videos of yourself to be included in this please email us at so that we can ensure your privacy is kept.

No refunds will be given for people who did not join in live.

This workshop offers no guarantees, it’s intention is to help you develop a better mindset around money by releasing energy blocks associated with it. 

If you have a payment dispute you must contact in the first instance to give us time to resolve the matter.  We will always do our best to accomodate and work with you.

This course is being promoted by Nicole Dodd on behalf of Beryl Comar as part of an affiliation, as such your consumer rights are with Beryl Comar.