Diet.  How is it that a word that began with great intentions of representing health & change change became such a dirty word that people now groan at the word?

I hear people around me all the time talking about going on a diet, or that they’ve started a new diet.  The first week full of optimism and hope and by the second week things are already waning.  I often wonder how many people starting a new diet believe it will work and expect to stick to it for life…is it just a band aid? A short term fix?  

I have an issue with the word diet.  There are many reasons.  The word diet brings up feelings of being deprived of something, a time of feeling miserable, hungry, going without, missing out…it’s just so negative.

For me, there is no change without change.  If you start a diet and then go back to those old behaviours and habits from before the diet, then of course the same problem will re-surface.  

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We know all this, so why is it we still keep reverting back to those old ways?

First of all, if I said to you don’t think of a pink elephant, I said DON’T think of a pink elephant…but you did right? You have to bring up a picture in order to tell yourself not to.  When on a diet that has restrictions and you keep reminding yourself I’m not allowed to eat chocolate or cheesecake.  You are bringing up images of those very things in your mind.  Your subconscious mind then starts the good old patterns of behaviour as those thoughts of chocolate come in.  

We also use the word try a lot.  I’m trying to lose weight, I’m trying to get in that outfit.  The problem is the word try does imply failure.  When people try it means they haven’t done it yet, all my clients will tell you, my catchphrase is “we don’t try, we do!” Because when we want results we must take some action that is different to what we are currently doing.

The other thing people often do, is they focus on what they don’t want.  “I don’t want to be fat, I don’t want my skin to hang there, I don’t want to be a size x.”  What you focus on you will attract more of.  When driving, if ever you skid you should look to where you want to go rather than the ditch you don’t want to end up in.  So why not start applying this to your life.  Listen to the way you talk and begin to notice the don’t wants.  And start asking yourself what it is specifially you do want instead, then begin to focus on that.  

We do also have this part of us called the subconscious, and whilst it does a very good job in keeping us safe and looking after us, it is a rather lazy thing.  It likes to keep running the habits and behaviours that it knows already works.  It’s identified that when you’re sad having a tub of ice-cream makes you feel better, when you’ve had a busy, stressful day calling in to your favourite takeout changes your state.  The subconscious mind has a lot more sway than willpower in percentages it’s an army of 90 vs an army of 10, which is why willpower alone is often not enough.  Hypnosis is a great tool for accessing the subconscious mind and having the subconscious identify new habits and behaviours that bring you closer to your goals.

I work with many of my clients with the Virtual Gastric Band, my clients get results because they are not restricted with what they can and can’t eat.  We set clear goals, and we work on getting the subconscious and conscious minds back in alignment with each other.  Because of this, getting rid of those excess lb’s doesn’t feel like hard work, it feels natural as you learn to tune in to your body’s signals.  This is actually a change that you can live with, it’s a lifestyle change.  

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