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Pain is both physical and emotional.  When people live with chronic pain it can begin to have an impact on their emotional well-being, bringing about emotional such as anger and frustration.  You may find that you have a short fuse and even have bouts of low mood or anxiety.  

Often when people have pain they are prescribed pain killers of some sort from their doctor.  Over time they may find that the pain killers just don’t seem to help as much as they used to.  As doctors now become more aware of pain and treatments for pain, it is becoming more common for patients to be encourage to reduce their dosage of pain medication.

Whilst at the time this thought can be quite scary and un-nerving.  Its also for the patients benefit.  It is becoming well-known that CBT is a recommended treatment by doctors for pain.  However Hypnosis also plays a very good part in helping people reduce their pain levels.  

Pain is a signal from the brain that something isn’t quite right, its our bodies alarm system.  But sometimes that alarm system forgets to shut off once it’s done its job.  And that is often where chronic pain begins. 

As a hypnotherapist it is my job to keep you safe at all times.  It is my job to ensure that the alarm system will go off when it really does need to.  But it is also my job to help you communicate to your unconscious mind that when it has served its purpose that it can back the pain off a bit. 

When you are under hypnosis I work with your unconscious mind to find out what level it is prepared to back off to.  I have found that most patients will see their level 9 or 10 pain reduced to a 2 or 3 with only a few sessions.


Clarify Your Goals

Discover what it is you really want rather than what you don't want.

Identify Obstacles

Discover what's holding you back. What limiting beliefs do you hold that prevent you from getting what you want.

Fix Your Mindset

Using a fusion of Hypnotherapy & NLP techniques we work together to overcome the obstacles we previously identified.

Improve Your Life

Learn how to continue to use the tools I show you in everyday life so that you can continue to work towards your goals.


Nicole Dodd, your online wellbeing coach

From time to time we all experience pain.  Acute pain is something most of us can manage at home without it affecting us for too long.  When the pain becomes chronic and last for such a long time it can really begin to affect us mentally and even affect the relationships we have with those around us.

I often find that when we work on the inside then it begins to aid the healing of the outside.  I was recently talking to a physiotherapist and he agreed with me that when someone is feeling better mentally the results show better for his patients much quicker.  When someone is mentally in a good place they have more energy, more stamina, more motivation to do the work necessary to get better.  

Sometimes the pain on the outside is a reflection of some inner pain, some emotional pain that’s been unresolved.  Sometimes its down to a condition such as fibromyalgia or reoccurring headaches and sometimes it’s baffles even the doctors as to the reason.  

When you work with me, know that I will always be working within the parameters of your safety and wellbeing.  I always vet my pain patients and will often ask for their doctors consent.  I do this to keep you safe, to ensure that any pain medication you are on is reduced in a safe way and that you are monitored by your healthcare professionals.  I do all of this because it is so important for your health that your alarm system is always working as it should and because client care and safety is my top priority above anything else.


Benefits of Online Life Coaching

When clients are experiencing high levels of pain it can often impact their day to day life. They often don’t know when will be a good day.  When I work online with my clients I know that they don’t have to worry about having the energy to get to my location, they don’t need to arrange for a carer to come with them.  They can be in the comfort of their own home, in a chair that supports them in the way that’s right for them.  

Available Worldwide

Connect with me wherever you are in the world from the comfort of your own home, office or even car.


No more getting to your appointment stress. No parking fees, traffic or getting lost trying to find the location. This means less time needed for your appointment as you will not need to allocate any travel time to your schedule.

Safety & Privacy

Our sessions will be held on a secure platform keeping your privacy secure.


Appointments can often be worked around your schedule, including evenings and weekends.

Studying online

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My previous clients say

I can't actually believe how much of a positive effect this has had on my life in such a short space of time. For a long time I have suffered with anxiety & low self esteem. My anxiety has calmed down & I don't feel as angry anymore. Nicole has helped me in ways that I couldn't even imagine & I will always be grateful for that. She is patient, kind, professional & has a true calming influence. Thank you Nicole for changing my life

Abbi Grief

I struggled daily with social and emotional anxiety and self doubt dragging me down to all time lows. After my first few sessions with Nicole it was only a matter of time before I was ridden of my burden of self doubt. She has helped me greatly and can not thank her enough for changing my mindset and in turn changing my life. after a few sessions with Nicole i was able to go back to a normal life and not have to worry, Thank you so much, you've helped me get back to being me.

Dave Bruce

It does seem to me that Hypnotherapy and NLP has offered instant tangible improvements that I did not get in the last two years from trying the following therapies; acupuncture, massage, meditation, CBT, lightening process, Gupta program, The Reconnection, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong. Though the last two I still practice as it is great for general health.


I honestly feel so much more positive . Nicole is professional and friendly and makes you feel at ease

Bee Neale

Facts about Hypnotherapy

Here’s some facts about hypnotherapy that may surprise you:

Discover and remove the root cause

You don't even need to know consciously what the root cause of your pain is. Your subconscious mind will know and through hypnosis you will be able to access that and deal with it in a safe way. Sometimes we can remove the root cause and sometimes we ask for permission to turn down the pain.


Hypnotherapy teaches you to relax. I use evidence based relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation to help reduce tension. This is so important for people suffering with pain as often the pain will lead to tension in other areas of the body.

Remove patterns of behaviour

Patterns of pain can become embedded in your subconscious. We can often pre-anticipate pain which in itself can create more pain. Have you ever cut your finger on a piece of paper but didn't know about it until later on when you actually looked at it, and then the pain started? It's because we think it should hurt as the skin has been damaged. As hypnosis accesses the subconscious mind it makes it one of the most effective ways of reducing pain.

Can be content free

I don't even need to know the story when i work with you. All that I need to know to be able to help you is how you do pain.

Shaping your future

Change happens when we work on an inside out approach. All behaviours and habits are embedded in the subconscious mind, which is why it’s important to access the subconscious mind to reset those destructive behaviours and patterns.  Hypnosis is quick and easy, with NLP combined with hypnosis we are able to create a quicker outcome and more profound changes that last.


No one takes the slow acting medication, so why would you want to go about reducing pain the slow way?

Natural and Safe

My methods don't require you to take any potions or pills* and allows you to manage pain in a safe, natural way.
*you must speak to your doctor before reducing or stopping any medication. I am not a medical professional.

Scientifically proven

Hypnosis has been around a long time. It has been scientifically proven to help with pain management. In fact, people have been known to have operations without ether just through the power of hypnosis.

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Leave your details and I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule our one on one consultation.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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