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parts therapy

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Beryl Comar Certified

About the Course

Uses of Parts Therapy

Clients come to us because they have an inner conflict, the part that is causing the problem/behaviour and the part that wants resolution/change. Parts Therapy resolves those inner conflicts. Suitable for helping people to quit smoking, emotional issues, physical issues including pain management, unresolved past grief, spiritual guidance and more. Use parts therapy to work with your clients face to face and/or online.

Script Free

Yep, you read right. Yes i know it might seem scary but the truth is scripts are not client centered, they are mind reads at best. When you work on the fly with your clients you are working with them, you are being very client centered and you are also prepared and able to deal with anything unexpected that may come up. Think of all the time and money you will save from looking up scripts.

Communicate with the Subconscious Mind

With Parts therapy you will be communicating directly with the subconscious mind, that may mean IMR’s or it may mean holding a conversation with the parts as you navigate those parts to an agreement. Not only is this a very effective way of using hypnosis for change but it’s fun for us hypnotists. It also lets us know exactly what is going on without the need to make any assumptions. Client’s also love the experience and it serves as a great convincer and way for word of mouth to spread.

Please note you need to already be a Hypnotist to take this course as we will be assuming that you already know how to do the Elman induction and the groundwork for Hypnosis.



Only £450


Special Payment Offer: Pay £50 today (non-refundable) to lock in this special price and pay the remainder by 3rd November 2023.


Certificate of Attendance

Access to Course Replays

Dedicated Facebook group

Beryl Comar

About Beryl Comar

Beryl Comar is known around the world for her skill and tenacity. Being the first to bring Hypnosis, NLP, EFT and SleepTalk coaching and training to Dubai, the Middle East and beyond.
Beryl has helped thousands of clients overcome their issues and achieve their goals, she has also trained hypnotists now working in MENA as well as the UK, USA, Europe, India and Australia.

Beryl is a former university and British Council teacher trainer with over 30 years experience of NLP and Hypnosis. Trained by Gerald Kein, Cal Banyan and Stephen Parkhill.

Author of the acclaimed manual “HypnoDontics” which has been translated into 3 languages and “HypnoKids” published in Arabic.

Founder of the Broken Heart Cure protocol.

Awards include NGH; Award of the Braid 2010, Hallmark Award 2014, NFNLP Trainer of the Year 2006, HCT Founders Award 1989 from Shk Nahayan bin Mubarak, Forensic Hypnotist 2004, NLP Trainer Dubai Police 2009-present.

Now Beryl lives in Spain and her focus is primarily on working with people who have dementia, helping them and their carer’s.

What you will learn

  • What is Parts Therapy and variations of Parts Therapy
  • Inner Conflict
  • Hypnotic Regression with Parts Therapy
  • When is Parts Therapy appropriate to use
  • How to set up an Ideomotor response
  • The Parts Therapy Session from pre-talk to emerging
  • How to avoid difficulties
  • Parts therapy for emotional issues
  • Parts therapy for physical issues including pain management
  • Parts Therapy for unresolved past grief
  • Parts Therapy for spiritual guidance

Live Online Training

Learn from the comfort of your home. This training will be available for you to enjoy from wherever you are in the world.

Training has never been more accessible. There’s no need to pay for hefty travel fees, visas and hotels.

Practical Skills

Complete this course full of confidence in your new skills as you take advantage of the opportunities for practicing and participating in live demonstrations you can also use the Facebook space to arrange practice sessions with fellow trainees.

Dedicated Teaching

Training by arguably one of the best and most experienced people in the field of hypnosis. Beryl still continues to teach and actively sees clients.

You will be able to tap into Beryl’s wealth of knowledge and know that she is teaching what she uses today.

Only £450


Special Payment Offer: Pay £50 today (non-refundable) to lock in this special price and pay the remainder by 3rd November 2023.

To summarise… 

This course comes with:

Comprehensive e-manual including framework ‘scripts’ 

12-months access to video replays of the live training

Dedicated Facebook group to ask questions and arrange practices with others on the course

Certificate of attendance


You can contact us at if you would like to discuss  options for spreading the cost (please note we do request the course is paid in full by the starting date). 




0330 056 2338


What Our Previous Students are Saying

I enjoyed the Beryl’s NLP training very much

I love her teaching style and the wonderful stories she tells and the way she weaves them into the course.

She brings the NLP techniques alive by her wonderful use of language.

I have learned so much and used it with clients.



As a recently qualified hypnotist I am interested in building my skills base to become an emotional intelligence therapist. I chose to study with Beryl Comar because she is a giant in my field. Beryl has 40 years of experience in Hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, multiple qualifications plus a huge wealth of life experiences to make her a rounded practitioner and a skilled, hands on empathetic teacher. With Beryl learning happens in a conscious and subconscious way by just absorbing and modelling her. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Beryl. Thanks to Beryl and everyone who made it possible.



I have recently completed Beryl’s NLP course and I was blown away by the content and learning I experienced. For me this was a massive learning curve and helped me to create that lightbulb moment that I’ve never had before when I’ve completed other course, and brought it all together for me in a way that made perfect sense. 

Beryl’s approach and learning style is second to none, she has a Knack of making everything look so easy and wastes no time in getting you to practice your skills with other students which is a huge confidence boost when you see these techniques work.

This course has also taken me a step closer in my own journey of setting up my business and has helped me to change my attitude towards things and given me a different perspective on what I can achieve.


Terms & conditions

Students are required to attend the online training live.

An internet connection and zoom access are required for this training.

There is a 14-day cooling off period, which begins the day you purchase the course whether in full or part. After that no refunds will be given. If you book as last minute (less than 14 days before course begins) the cooling period does not apply.

If the training is affected due to illness of the trainer an alternative date will be rescheduled. A refund will be offered to those who cannot attend the new dates.

Please attend your training on time. There will be opportunities for breaks throughout the course.

You will require your video and microphone to be working as we like all delegates participation.

The Facebook community page is to help guide you and answer questions and for you to arrange practice meet ups with fellow delegates. This is not a space for advertising, spam, bullying or anything in a negative sense. We are all here to support each other with kindness and respect.

All content is copyright of Beryl Comar and must not be re-distributed, copied or shared.

Students will receive their Parts Therapy PDF manual a few days before the course begins.

Online learning platform is available for all students to re-watch content and access their e-manual for 12 months. 

Clips, screenshots and demonstrations from this training may be used for promotional, marketing and training reasons. If you do not wish for images/videos of yourself to be included in this please email us at so that we can ensure your privacy is kept.

This course may be turned into an online video course at a future date to be sold to other people.  As such, we will be sending a form to all participants to obtain permission to do this.  As a thankyou, we will give you FREE access to the video course if/when it is released. 

If you wish to take the lock in discounted price option: Pay £50 today (non refundable) to lock in the special discounted rate and pay the remainder by the 3rd November 2023.  Please note that the £50 will go towards your final payment amount. We cannot refund this cost as this is paying for the admin and service of holding a discounted price.  

If you have a payment dispute you must contact in the first instance to give us time to resolve the matter.  We will always do our best to accomodate and work with you.

This course is being promoted by Nicole Dodd on behalf of Beryl Comar as part of an affiliation, as such your consumer rights are with Beryl Comar.