Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered if you’ve ever been here before?

Perhaps you’ve been to places or met people that felt so familiar like you were kindred spirits.

Maybe you are just curious to know what you were life before, was you a woman or a man or an animal?

Maybe someone you know in this life has passed on to the next and you wonder if you knew them in a previous life?

Maybe something isn’t quite right in this life that you feel is unresolved in the past?

Whatever your reasons for being interested in past life regression, you can enjoy exploring them under hypnosis.

Whilst there is a curious and fun side to past life regression, I have found that by regressing people they have managed to heal up things in this life.

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How do you know it is real?

The truth to this answer is you don’t. I’ve regressed someone so far back that they said they were a Viking, they gave names and details that all fitted with the situation but because it was so far back it is impossible to trace.

Of course, not everyone goes back quite that far. But for those who have experienced past life regression with me they have found it to be fascinating and a really interesting experience.

I have seen many examples from written text and television of past life regressions being traced afterwards and proving to be true. It has even been known that people have been able to tap into abilities of their past lives such as playing a musical instrument and bringing it forward into this life to help them learn quicker.

There is so much out there that we just don’t understand. For me personally, I find past life regressions skin tingling. They leave me feeling curious. I also look forward to seeing how the past life regressions begin to affect a person’s current life as I have had a client who managed to clear up a skin condition after their regression.

How many times can I be regressed?

There is no limit to the number of times you can be regressed, it all depends on how many lives you’ve lived before.

In a single session you should be able to experience at least one past life.

Due to the nature of not knowing how much detail will come forward and how long each individual wants to visit that life for it is hard to say if you would be able to experience more than one past life.

If there is time and the client is willing whilst in trance, then I will always offer the opportunity for them to visit another past life.

If you are interested in being regressed to a past life, please do get in touch to book an appointment. 

Please note I prefer to do past life regressions in person than online.




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Benefits of Hypnotherapy

There are so any benefits of hypnosis.  I often find that clients report back to me that not only did hypnotherapy help with their initial problem but also with other things that they hadn’t considered.  The biggest one that people notice is that their personal relationships improve so much because they are no longer holding on to negative emotions such as anger or resentment, or because they’ve been so wrapped up in anxiety that they didn’t process the fact that their partner was affectionate

Many people find that after receiving hypnosis they are able to relax easier, have a greater sense of well-being, lower pulse rate, reduced blood pressure and even improved sleep. 

Read my reviews to see just some of the benefits my clients have enjoyed following their appointments with me.