Things I can help you with...

Provided below is a general list of the most common uses for Hypnotherapy & NLP, this list is not limited or exhaustive, if you don’t see something on the list get in touch and I will be more than happy to help.

Session Prices

  • 30-minute Initial Consultation FREE

    This is a telephone consultation

  • Introduction to Hypnotherapy £45.00

    Get to know each other with a short hypnosis session for the purpose of relaxation only.

  • 1 hour Session £100.00
  • Weekend Appointments £125.00

Package Prices

  • Anxiety and Panic Rescue £300.00

    3 sessions

  • Fears & Phobias £300.00

    3 sessions

  • Sleep Better £300.00

    3 sessions

  • De-stress, relax & unwind £100.00

    1 session

  • Weight Loss £400.00

    4 sessions

  • Quit Smoking £350.00

    2 sessions, plus a follow-up session within a year if required

  • Empowerment Breakthrough £895.00

    6 sessions – time of sessions vary from client to client

  • Past Life Regression £100.00

    1 session

Everyone has different needs. I create a bespoke experience for all of my clients.  Generally each individual problem will require between 2-4 sessions. 

Sometimes it may be necessary to have one or two sessions more than the package price suggests, this is based on the individual and how quickly they respond to hypnosis. I will always discuss this with you if it’s something I believe you will need.   

If you do have any health conditions, please inform me before proceeding with an appointment and I can advise you if you will require doctors permission first.