Applied Hypnosis for Children & Teens


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Children encounter many of the same types of problems as adults, plus an entire spectrum of their own. When dealing with children there are many more types of hypnotic sessions available than even working with adults. Yet so many initial training courses do not cover these aspects.

In the same way that adults use hypnosis in the following areas, children may also be helped with:

Self confidence, weight loss, stuttering, fears & phobias, pain, grief & mourning, procrastination, improved memory, concentration, nail biting, poor sleep habits, etc ….

Children have their own list of situations that hypnosis can be helpful with:

Bed wetting, conduct at school, thumb sucking, cleaning room, disrespect, establishing a value system, getting along with others, loudness, insecurity, fears, nervous habits, etc.

Modern teens have issues way beyond their parents’ experiences, and earlier:

Social media influence, sexual identity, online influencers, helicopter parenting, drugs, academic and social expectations, … and all whilst their brains are still developing.

The list of areas in which hypnosis can be helpful with children and teens is unlimited.

This interactive course allows you, the participant to bring topics to the table, as well as learn from an experienced former school principal, teacher trainer and award winning hypnotherapist who will share a myriad of useful techniques with enthusiasm and fun demonstrations. Be prepared to bring out your inner child during this training.


Sunday 1st October 2023
Sunday 8th October 2023

UK 10am-5pm
Europe 11am-6pm
Eastern Summer Time 5am-12pm
United Arab Emirates 1pm-8pm

What we will cover:

1.                   Preliminary work & homework with parents

2.                   Preliminary work / Pretalk with child

3.                   Pre-hypnotic tests for creating rapport

4.                   A plethora of inductions

5.                   Deepening, and state management

6.                   Tests

7.                   Regression, NLP, Therapy

8.                   Scripts

9.                   Posthypnotic suggestions

10.                 Exiting

11.                 Homework for children

12.                 ADD / ADHD

13.                 Working with Modern Teen Issues