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Sunday 19 & 26th June 2022

Sunday 3rd July 20222

Sunday 21st & 28th August 2022

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The more you understand Hypnosis, the more realise how much adding to your toolbox will do for you and your clients

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Due to how popular the Parts Therapy, Regression to cause and Rapid Induction courses are, we have decided to create a bundle option.  When you buy this bundle you will get

  • Rapid and Instant Induction Course (1 day training Sunday 3rd July, plus 2 evening practices date to be confirmed 2022)
  • Parts Therapy Course (2 Day training 19 & 26th June 2022)
  • Regression to Cause Course (2 days training, 21st & 28th August)
  • Sleep Talk Level 1 course (2 hour training TBA)

These courses should cost £4,500 however we are offering you them for £2500 that’s a saving of over £2,000!!!! Plus only pay once for the access to the recordings (usually priced at £47 each, saving an additional £141

The Sleep Talk level 1 training is only being offered to those who buy this bundle.

We are also offering this bundle with payment options.  You can make an instant payment today or you can choose Klarna and pay it over 3 months or defer payment by 30 days.

Below you can find a brief summary of the courses.  For more information on the Parts, Regression and Rapid Induction courses please go to the training page and look at the individual courses.

SleepTalk The Goulding SleepTalk® Process coaches parents how to give their children positive suggestions, helps to achieve self-confidence & inner strength. It gives parents a second chance to undo the possible harms caused by unkind negative words & past experiences.

It has been used by paediatric & children’s healthcare professionals to coach parents for over 35 years. The Goulding Process – Sleep Talk® products and services reach families across the globe, with over 100 consultants assisting families with this valuable process in over a dozen languages.

Parents are encouraged to learn the protocol then apply it consistency each night , assisting their children achieve a strong resilience and happy attitude life. The Goulding Process – Sleep Talk® has been called the Gift for Life.

The Goulding Process is an alternative and substance-free, self-help process for parents coping with a challenging child. It can be used with all children as a way to combat any negative messages they may receive, trauma or other fears and anxieties they may be processing. Sometimes a lack of knowledge or support can cause parents to doubt their parenting abilities, feel misunderstood and go on a merry-go-round of endless professional consultations and dead ends.

SleepTalk® For Children is a simple, ethical, non-intrusive process that parents can use in the safety and comfort of their own home while their child or children are asleep. It only takes parents a few moments to present – it’s been called ‘the two minute gift with changes that last a lifetime’ – and helps children to develop a positive and confident sense of self and greater emotional resilience. The child feels less anxious and better able to deal with their world.

The Goulding Process creates changes in the child’s mindset and behaviour that are reflected in actual changes in the wiring and structure of the brain, a phenomenon that Dr. Norman Doidge calls ‘Neuroplasticity.

SleepTalk® empowers parents to rectify those negative suggestions or situations and is a powerful way to get parents involved in the process of change whenever you work with hypnosis for children.

From the moment of birth – and even before birth, professionals now believe – thoughts, feelings, reactions and memories are registered in the deep unconscious mind, and those memories, with the accompanying thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions, will last for life. Suggestions are very powerful, especially when made to a child by someone in authority over them, so parents have a major role (and responsibility) in ensuring that their child develops a positive mindset during their early years.

Beryl is a Goulding SleepTalk Trainer (she trains and certifies SleepTalk Consultants). In this two hours (may go into 2.5 hrs offered as a free adjunct to those paying for the bundle of three Hypnosis trainings) you will learn the story behind SleepTalk foundation and how to use it. She will train you in LEVEL ONE of the three levels, not as a consultant but as a parent so you can do the process. And you may be interested to do the certificated consultant training later. Also the technique she used with her husband to get him to quit snoring – yes, in his sleep and he didn’t even know he’d been hypnotized!

Rapid & Instant Inductions

  • On this training you will learn:
  • A minimum of 6 rapid inductions (less than 4 minutes)
  • A minimum of 2 instant inductions
  • How to do inductions face2face and online
  • How to quickly have your client go into hypnosis online and face to face

You will discover:

  • Reasons for choosing faster inductions
  • Client types that are suitable/unsuitable
  • How faster inductions can be done anywhere, any time
  • How much more time you have for therapy work
  • How much more fun faster inductions are
  • How confident you look doing these inductions and how it brings you more clients
  • Bonus Ego Strengthening Audio for you to keep

Parts Therapy

You will learn:

  • What is Parts Therapy and variations of Parts Therapy
  • Inner Conflict
  • Hypnotic Regression with Parts Therapy
  • When is Parts Therapy appropriate to use
  • How to set up an Ideomotor response

You will discover:

  • The Parts Therapy Session from pre-talk to emerging
  • How to avoid difficulties
  • Parts therapy for emotional issues
  • Parts therapy for Physical issues including pain management
  • Parts Therapy for unresolved past grief
  • Parts Therapy for spiritual guidance

Regression To Cause

On this training you will learn:

  • The mind, body & emotional connection
  • How to quickly & reliably obtain somnambulism required to do age regression
  • How to do Date/time Age Regression
  • Real Age Regression, Inner Child Healing, Chair Therapy & Forgiveness
  • Affect Bridge Regression

You will discover:

  • What to do with spontaneous past life regression
  • Why age regression is so effective
  • Step by step walk through of age regression and healing the ISE/SSE
  • An understanding and ability to ‘go with the flow’ with whatever the client hands you so you can be ready for anything they present to you

What’s Included?

Dedicated Teaching

Training by arguably one of the best and most experienced people in the field of hypnosis. Beryl still continues to teach and actively sees clients. You will be able to tap into Beryl’s wealth of knowledge and know that she is teaching what she uses today.


You will receive a high quality certificate declaring your attendance. For those who submit a video recording using the techniques will receive a certificate for attendance and as a competent practitioner.

Online Access

12 months access to replays of the training on a learning platform, plus a detailed step-by-step downloadable and printable course manual covering the course content.

Facebook Group

Join a closed group Facebook community with your fellow delegates to buddy up for practice and to share your own journey progress.

Meet your trainer

Beryl Comar


Beryl Comar is known around the world for her skill and tenacity.  Being the first to bring Hypnosis, NLP, EFT and SleepTalk coaching and training to Dubai, the Middle East and beyond.

Beryl has helped thousands of clients overcome their issues and achieve their goals, she has also trained hypnotists now working in MENA as well as the UK, USA, Europe, India and Australia.

Beryl is a former university and British Council teacher trainer with over 30 years experience of NLP and Hypnosis.  Trained by Gerald Kein, Cal Banyan and Stephen Parkhill.

Author of the acclaimed manual “HypnoDontics” which has been translated into 3 languages and “HypnoKids” published in Arabic.

Founder of the Broken Heart Cure protocol.

Awards include NGH; Award of the Braid 2010, Hallmark Award 2014, NFNLP Trainer of the Year 2006, HCT Founders Award 1989 from Shk Nahayan bin Mubarak, Forensic Hypnotist 2004, NLP Trainer Dubai Police 2009-present.



What Our Other Trainees Are Saying

I have recently completed Beryl's NLP course and I was blown away by the content and learning I experienced. For me this was a massive learning curve and helped me to create that lightbulb moment that I’ve never had before when I’ve completed other courses, and brought it all together for me in a way that made perfect sense.

Beryl's approach and learning style is second to none, she has a knack of making everything look so easy and wastes no time in getting you to practice your skills with other students which is a huge confidence boost when you see these techniques work.

This course has also taken me a step closer in my own journey of setting up my business and has helped me to change my attitude towards things and given me a different perspective on what I can achieve.

Nicole was also very welcoming and made me feel at ease. She explained what was going to happen each week and set up practice sessions for the group on a regular basis which was really helpful and great for the group to practice techniques that we had learned the week before.

Before the course I was feeling out of my depth as I was not qualified in other therapies like some of the other students so was feeling nervous, however after the first session I had definitely removed those feelings in my mind and realised that we were all there to learn something new.

So for me this was a wonderful experience  and highly recommended.

Cal McHale

NLP Practitioner April 2022

As a recently qualified hypnotist I am interested in building my skills base to become an emotional intelligence therapist. I chose to study with Beryl Comar because she is a giant in my field. Beryl has 40 years of experience in Hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, multiple qualifications plus a huge wealth of life experiences to make her a rounded practitioner and a skilled, hands on empathetic teacher. With Beryl, learning happens in a conscious and subconscious way by just absorbing and modelling her. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Beryl. Thanks to Beryl and everyone who made it possible.

Robina Mohammad Sidaway

NLP Practitioner, April 2022

I enjoyed the Beryl’s NLP training very much.

I love her teaching style and the wonderful stories she tells and the way she weaves them into the course.

She brings the NLP techniques alive by her wonderful use of language.

I have learned so much and used it with clients.

I had a lady who has an  apartment in Portugal and just bought a car out there with her husband.

She was very anxious about being a passenger in a car, and was terrified of the thought of driving  in Portugal.

I did an NLP  session on Friday with her and she was flying out early Saturday morning.

On the following Tuesday morning she sent me a message saying “Thanks Pat, I did it. My husband thinks he now has a chauffeur.”

Her husband  sent me a message saying “My wife just drove to Villa De Bisbo and back again. Well delighted”

That result was 100% down to Beryl’s training.

Pat O'Connor

NLP Practitioner April 2022

I attended Beryl’s live online NLP Practitioner training and it was a fantastic experience. I’ve trained in NLP before & the difference in this course was the years and years of therapy & coaching experience that Beryl has.

She continues to see clients and therefore is able to refer to case studies throughout, which I found particularly helpful. It was so practical too.

I’d definitely recommend it to others.

Claire Wells

NLP Practitioner April 2022

I can highly recommend taking a course with Beryl. I have recently completed her NLP course and it was great. Beryl is a fabulous instructor who brings so much humour, knowledge and personal experience to her teaching.

Sandy Tanner

NLP Practitioner, April 2022


Beryl has over 40 years of teaching experience. Allow your business to excel quicker as you learn froms omeone who has already tested time and again what does and doesn’t work.


With only spaces for 20 trainees, this training offers your more personal attention, allowing you to practice the techniques and learn how to apply them in your office. There will also be opportunities to volunteer in live demonstrations.


Complete this course full of confidence in your new skills as you take advantage of the opportunities for practicing and participating in live demonstrations.


Save money on hotels and travelling as you learn from the comfort of your own home. Use that extre saving towards promoting your new skills. You will also have 12 months access to the video replays.


Are there any pre-requisites for this training?
Yes, You will need to have a certification as a Hypnosis Practitioner.
Will there be recordings available?
All Live sessions will be recorded and available for you to replay for 12 months.
Is there a way of having access to the replays for longer than 12 months?
Yes, all attendees are offered the option to download the course videos for an additional £47.
Can I practice this method after training?
When you pass the final assessment you will be ready to use the methods taught to help clients. The SleepTalk method you will be trained in for personal use only, as you will need to complete the additional 2 levels to become a practitioner.
Are there any pre-study requirements?
Yes, Pre-study material will be provided to you a few days before the course begins
Who is the training certified by?
This training is certified by Stressed2Best.
Am I guaranteed a certificate?
Attending the live training will result in a certificate of attendance. For those who submit a video demonstrating their skills from the training to a satisfactory standard will receive a certificate as a Practitioner - please note the SleepTalk course will not be to practitioner level and is for personal use only.

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Terms & conditions

Students are required to attend the live training.

An internet connection and zoom access are required for this training.

There is a 14 day cooling off period, which begins the day you purchase the course whether in full or part. After that no refunds will be given. If you book as last minute (less than 14 days before course begins) the cooling period does not apply.

If the training is affected due to illness of the trainer an alternative date will be rescheduled. A refund will be offered to those who cannot attend the new dates.

Please attend your training on time. There will be opportunities for breaks and lunch throughout the course.

You will require video and microphone to be working as there will be practice moments during the training that you will be required to participate in.

The Facebook community page is to help guide you and answer questions and for you to arrange practice meet ups with fellow delegates. This is not a space for advertising, spam, bullying or anything in a negative sense. We are all here to support each other with kindness and respect.

All content is copyright of Beryl Comar and must not be re-distributed, copied or shared.

Students will receive their e-manual 3 days before each course begins.

Online learning platform is available for all students to re-watch content and access their e-manual for 12 months. There is an option to purchase the right to download this content, it is still subject to copyright to Beryl Comar and does not give you permission to copy or share with any other persons. Action will be taken should copyright be breached.

Clips, screenshots and demonstrations from this training may be used for promotional, marketing and training reasons. If you do not wish for images/videos of yourself to be included in this please email us at so that we can ensure your privacy is kept.

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"My life has changed since I met Nicole. She has been so supportive and her knowledge of hypnotherapy and NLP are second to none. After only one session I was able to let go of the hold my narcissistic mother had over me. The negative self talk is dramatically reduced, my confidence increased and I feel able to believe in myself once again. If you have anything in your life that is holding you back, speak to Nicole, you won’t be disappointed."

Email Testimonial from C.S December 2021

"Nicole has huge empathy and gets straight to the point of the problem; her concise questions helped her to understand very quickly how she could help me with managing some chronic pain. And she certainly did help me! Within just one session, my pain was hugely reduced and a couple of days later, it dawned on me that I wasn’t actually in pain any more! Nicole’s soothing tones and guidance had made a massive difference and this had been achieved through a process that was so relaxing and enjoyable that I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Nicole again. She’s a star!"

Google Review from Karyn Wilkins December 2021

"oh my gosh, sending you a huge thanks for last night. I feel different, lighter and my shoulders do not feel so tense. Something feels like it is missing, but in the best way. I am also smiling more!"

Email review from J.P 10th November 2021