EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Level 1




Level 1 is for everyone; general public and therapists.

Beryl leads a fun and naturally inspiring workshop. Open for those like you; curious to know about EFT and how to use it for themselves, or have watched some You Tube videos, downloaded a workbook and now want to get started with confidence..

You will be learning: Intro to history of Energy Psychology and EFT; Understand the science and mind body connection; Learn Basic EFT techniques and wordings, how to dissolve away emotions.

You will be able to apply: EFT to your physical ailments; Releasing emotional issues; Muscle testing for energy toxins; Dissolve cravings, pain, phobias.

Observe: a full demonstration releasing an emotional issue; Learn the movie technique;

Receive and give a treatment from a partner releasing a)personal issue b) pain;

Become comfortable using EFT for self, friends, family; Understand the Personal Peace Protocol; Discuss applications for using EFT in your life.

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Level 1

Level 1

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