Stigma & Bias in Mental Health

Stigma and bias exist in therapy, amongst clients and therapists, and the general public. We have seen people diagnosing people on the internet forums by describing a few behaviours (and suggesting solutions, diet and drug changes) – how can this happen? Can hypnotherapists, or any therapist, be taken seriously unless open to all possibilities in 2000s?


In this hard hitting webinar we will look at –

  • How do stigma and cultural bias impact treatment, prevention & recovery?
  • Discuss the origins of understanding mental illness, how misinformation is spread, and how stigma impacts individuals and communities.
  • Discover theories of fast & slow thinking, and unconscious/conscious bias
  • Learn tips for correcting negative perceptions with a licensed therapist in this one-hour seminar.

Some of this may be hard to hear, however they exist and are not eradicated unless discussed openly with good intentions.

understanding dementia

Join us from anywhere in the world

This webinar will be held live on Zoom, and will be recorded.  Anyone who registers to join us will automatically receive access to the recording.

The webinar is on Monday 3rd April 7pm BST.

About Beryl Comar

Beryl Comar is known around the world for her skill and tenacity.  Being the first to bring Hypnosis, NLP, EFT and SleepTalk coaching and training to Dubai, the Middle East and beyond.

Beryl has helped thousands of clients overcome their issues and achieve their goals, she has also trained hypnotists now working in MENA as well as the UK, USA, Europe, India and Australia.

Beryl is a former university and British Council teacher trainer with over 30 years experience of NLP and Hypnosis.  Trained by Gerald Kein, Cal Banyan and Stephen Parkhill.

Author of the acclaimed manual “HypnoDontics” which has been translated into 3 languages and “HypnoKids” published in Arabic.

Founder of the Broken Heart Cure protocol.

Awards include NGH; Award of the Braid 2010, Hallmark Award 2014, NFNLP Trainer of the Year 2006, HCT Founders Award 1989 from Shk Nahayan bin Mubarak, Forensic Hypnotist 2004, NLP Trainer Dubai Police 2009-present.

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Stigma around mental health