Beryl Comar - NLP Practitioner Course - Deposit

This is an intensive 4-day training spread over 4 weeks that covers the essential skills and knowledge in NLP. We use NLP to teach NLP in simple English. We introduce you to NLP as a model for discovering the structure of human behaviour with a focus on how to run your own brain so that you can then manage your own emotional states and understand others more.


Length of Course: 4 days usually 10am – 6 or 7pm

Who benefits from this course? The innately curious person thinks NLP is fascinating! So, if you are always wondering how something works or how people do what they do or why you do some of the things you do, then NLP gives you the tools to find the answers.

Others – those who want to be more productive, more effective, who strive toward excellence. Because of its precision, NLP will allow you to maximize your potential in the least amount of time.

NLP has also been successfully applied in a wide number of professions such as business, sales, education, mental health, medicine, sports, law, communications, and so on. You can use anywhere in which improved communication skills will help you succeed, or where personal productivity is important. NLP helps overcome limitations so that you can become all that you can be.