Virtual Gastric Band

This Is Not A Diet

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis.  As your mind creates the Virtual Gastric Band you will notice a reduction in the amount of food you eat as your stomach recognises the feeling of being full sooner and feeling satisfied.  

You are free to enjoy the foods you love whilst only eating to what your body requires rather than overeating.  Enjoy your food more whilst eating less and notice those lb’s coming off.

Lose weight the easy way

The Virtual Gastric Band is a personalised programme designed to change the way you think about food, by allowing your body to tune in to its natural hunger. Giving you realistic changes that you can actually live with. 


Proven to be 95% effective in a clinical trial

On average people lose 7lb in the first week and then about 1-2lb a week thereafter.

This programme is ran over 4 sessions, lasting between 60 and 90 minutes each. Each session will work around your own needs as we focus on the key issues that are already clinically linked to obesity, (portion sizes, stress, cravings and exercise).

Using hypnosis you can help create and reinforce new behaviours and habits within your mind. By working with the subconscious mind in this way it will help to give you a greater focus towards achieving your weight loss goals.

Most diets fail because people only ever see them as a diet and not a lifestyle change. They associate diets with feelings of hunger, depravity, unhappiness. This programme does the opposite as you are still able to enjoy your favourite foods whilst eating in moderation and tuning in to your body’s natural hunger system.

As you learn to recognise the signals of feeling full you will be able to easily resist over eating and over indulging. As you understand satiety you will feel calmer and more relaxed whilst also having a natural improved perception and desire for healthier foods as the old feeling of cravings for unhealthy food fades away.

As all of these benefits come in to action you will also recognise your body’s natural desire to move more through physical activity and stay hydrated.

How It Works


Book your FREE 30 minute discovery call to find out how the Virtual Gastric Band can help you. In this call, we will talk about your current obstacles and create a plan to overcome these.  There will be an opportunity for you to ask me any questions and I will explain to you how hypnosis works.


Attend your sessions either face to face or online. There are 4 sessions in total, each lasting 60-90 minutes.  These sessions are created based on your individual needs.  Generally the first 2 sessions are a week apart and then the 2 remaining are spread out tailored to your progress.

Follow Guidelines

Follow the easy, basic guidelines at home. Enjoy whatever food you want so long as if you are hungry.  There are just 7 guidelines and they are all easy to achieve and follow.  All created with your long term success in mind and of being a change of lifestyle rather than a short term solution.

Success Stories

5* Rating

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Working with Nicole has been amazing! She is so helpful and her voice is calming. I had gained about 20 pounds over the pandemic and I was ready to get back to feeling more like myself. I ameating less while feeling more satisfied. Drinking more water and not snacking. Food is tasting really good, to the point that I am just satisfied and don’t have the desire to overeat. I am exercising more without it feeling like something I HAVE to do.

A surprising outcome of our sessions is that I don’t feel the need to eat in awkward situations like a party where I don’t know people. I don’t feel the need to eat second helpings or more than my body needs. This all feels very natural as if I didn’t have to try to implement anything. My mindset has literally changed around food and it seriously blows my mind because I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with food. I highly recommend working with Nicole and the Virtual Gastric Band!”

Becky Cramer

“2 weeks in and i’ve lost 6 1/2lb.  I’ve felt completely satisfied on less food and find I enjoy food so much more than I ever did before.  I’ve already dropped a whole dress size. Awesome!”

“Weighed myself earlier and i’ve lost 4lb. Not bad for week 1.  I’m sooooooo excited to be starting this new chapter in my life. Thankyou so much for all your help.”

“My breakfast tasted so good this morning! And I was satisfied with less. I had one glute free waffle and strawberries and even though it tasted amazing I was very satisfied with just 1!”

“1 month in and I’m down 11lb’s. I’m over the moon with the results!”

“”That was a very bizarre experience. I’ve never eaten a meal so slow in my life. I also had a third of the normal amount I would normally eat. So far I’m very impressed.

“1 week in and I’ve lost 6 1/2 lb wow! It’s been so easy and enjoyable.”

For years I have struggled with my weight trying so many different dieting programmes.
Since having the virtual gastric band my whole relationship with food has transformed.
I have never known loosing weight to be so easy.
Not once have I felt hungry or deprived. I no longer have head hunger so snacking is a thing of the past. I am now in tune with my body’s needs meaning I only eat what I need.
I am absolutely thrilled with the results!
I would 100% recommend the virtual gastric band.
Nicole you have broken the vicious cycle I found myself in. Thank you for all your help and support.

Jemma Appleton-Barnes

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

The focus of the Virtual Gastric Band is about giving you freedom from calorie counting, weighing, letting go of the food obsessions.  Rather than feeling deprived YOU WILL feel satiated, satisfied and enjoy the taste of food more.  This is a long term solution that is easy, natural and safe.

As long as if you follow the guidelines, you will achieve results.  

It’s time to embrace your body, love yourself and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

How much weight will I lose?

Every body is different.  Generally, you can expect to weigh up to 8lb less in the first week and after that a steady decrease of 1-2lb a week.  

Is there a criteria to have the Virtual Gastric Band?

Personally, I prefer to work with clients who want to become at least 1 stone lighter.  If you have less than this to go, you may still wish to consider Hypnosis for weight loss to help with those tricky areas, however, I wouldn’t generally go with the gastric band approach for this.  

Are there any side effects?

Unlike the gastric band operation, the Virtual Gastric Band means that there is no invasive surgery, no scarring, no recovery time.  There can often be 2 side-effects of hypnosis, the first being an increase in confidence for the rest of the day and the second being a better nights sleep.  I know it’s terrible right!

How can it be as easy as you say? I've been trying to lose weight for years.

When people go on diets they are using willpower.  Willpower is a conscious effort and has to overcome unconscious behaviours, habits, beliefs and values.  The conscious mind is an army of 10% whereas the Subconscious mind is an army of 90%.  The battle is already against you.  Hypnosis bypasses something called the critical factor – essentially its the gateway to the subconscious mind.  When we access the subconscious mind we are able to work with the army of 90% to create meaningful change, habits and behaviours.

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"My life has changed since I met Nicole. She has been so supportive and her knowledge of hypnotherapy and NLP are second to none. After only one session I was able to let go of the hold my narcissistic mother had over me. The negative self talk is dramatically reduced, my confidence increased and I feel able to believe in myself once again. If you have anything in your life that is holding you back, speak to Nicole, you won’t be disappointed."

Email Testimonial from C.S December 2021

"Nicole has huge empathy and gets straight to the point of the problem; her concise questions helped her to understand very quickly how she could help me with managing some chronic pain. And she certainly did help me! Within just one session, my pain was hugely reduced and a couple of days later, it dawned on me that I wasn’t actually in pain any more! Nicole’s soothing tones and guidance had made a massive difference and this had been achieved through a process that was so relaxing and enjoyable that I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Nicole again. She’s a star!"

Google Review from Karyn Wilkins December 2021

"oh my gosh, sending you a huge thanks for last night. I feel different, lighter and my shoulders do not feel so tense. Something feels like it is missing, but in the best way. I am also smiling more!"

Email review from J.P 10th November 2021