HypnoDontics Webinar with Beryl Comar

So many people assume that HypnoDontics is all about pain relief, but it is so much more than that.  Author of HypnoDontics, Beryl Comar will be hosting a FREE webinar Thursday 29th September at 1pm (BST) to explain how fulfilling and what types of exciting case studies you might encounter when working in this niche industry.

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Join us as we discuss HypnoDontics and answer your questions.

29th September 1pm UK, 8am Eastern Time

Beryl Comar MA, MEd, MNLP,BCH

Emotional Intelligence Development Specialist

Nicole Dodd

Hypnotherapist & Master NLP Practitioner

What is HypnoDontics and how can it help me?


Hypnodontics is the application of hypnosis techniques to dental practice and dental issues. There are techniques which dentists use to relax their patient (including waking hypnosis) and minimize pain, blood loss, during and after procedures. Hypnotherapists use techniques for deeper (often long term issues) for which dentists will refer their patients e.g. fears and phobias, bruxism, gagging, hygiene habits.

In addition there are special techniques for working with children.

Uses of Hypnosis for Dental Patients:

Elimination of the patient’s tension, anxiety or fear of pain and related discomfort.

Elimination of fears: dentists, dental procedures, agoraphobia.

Accustoming the patient to orthodontic or prosthetic appliances after the patient has agreed to them.

Maintenance of the patient’s comfort during long and arduous periods of dental work.

Reduction of anesthesia (numbing) or analgesia (pain relieving medication) during dental procedures.

Reduction of blood loss and bleeding during and after surgery.

Substitution for, or in combination with pre-medication (i.e., topical)

Prevention of gagging and nausea and control of salivary flow and bleeding.

Increased rapidity of post-procedure healing.

Modification of unwanted dental habits, such as:

bruxism, the unconscious grinding of teeth.

poor dental hygiene issues.

gagging and/or vomiting issues.

And let’s not forget…

Elimination of the dental practitioners’ stresses and anxieties.


Level 1

Working with Dentists

At this level you will discover and understand how you can create a business with Dentists, how to install an instant induction with your client for the Dentist to use and how to deliver a learning lunch.


Level 2


At this level you will learn the working techniques for working with case studies such as gagging, bruxism.  These techniques include using Parts Therapy and Regression to Cause.

This is a certified course with CEU’s


Level 3

Trainer Training

Now you have mastered how to build your own referral practice and actively use the techniques from the previous trainings, you will be taught how to deliver your own HypnoDontics training and become part of the HypnoDontics World Trainers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be a replay?

Yes, anyone who registers for this event will receive an email with details of how to access the replay.

How long is the webinar?

We are aiming for the webinar to run for about 40 minutes.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, we encourage you to ask questions.  

Will there be a HypnoDontics training in the near future?

Yes! When you sign up for the FREE webinar you will get access to a discount code to ensure you get the best price possible.

“I’ve read your book, and it’s amazing. I have used hypnosis with my clients and the results have been fantastic… I’ve been using hypnosis since 2012 and I’m very excited about it.”


Maximillian Almeida, Brazil

Dental Practitioner

“A Life changing book and training … making dentistry a pleasant journey for everyone.

A couple of years ago I contacted Beryl to buy the Hypnodontics book out of curiosity, but what I discovered was a wealth of information and knowledge that is life changing for hypnotherapists, dentists and clients alike. Then I attended the Hypnodontics book study on zoom in 2020. I will not be exaggerating if I said this training will get you benefits on all levels from practical techniques and real stories, to networking with professionals from all around the globe. Thank you Beryl for being always there for support”


Daniel Ghanime

Beirut, Lebanon

“Dental Apprehension is costly in time, money and emotions. It affects not only the image of dentistry but the experience of oral health for everybody.”

Janet Crain


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