Weight Loss

Managing weight can be a tricky balance for many of us. As we age and our bodies change along with their needs, we can sometimes end up finding the scales not working in our favour. For some people weight gain is gradual, hardly noticeable until one day you realise it all snuck on. For others food is just way too tasty to have a small portion and others eat to comfort themselves. Whatever your reason for weight gain you can be confident in the fact that it doesn’t need to be permanent.

Say good-bye to slimming pills, fad diets, unsustainable eating plans and hello to embracing yourself and your body whilst losing weight in an easy natural way.

How can hypnosis help me lose weight?

When you make a decision to lose weight you immediately decide you are going to go on a diet. The word diet has so many negative associations to it that you are already subconsciously sending the message to yourself that whilst on the diet you will be going without, suffering, deprived, perhaps associations of starving will come into it. You also know it will be short term, because we all know that generally diets are unsustainable for life, usually because of the feeling of being deprived and the negative associations with the word diet. You’ve already set yourself up to fail before you’ve begun. And even if you did lose weight on a diet before, how long did it take for you to gain the weight again, did you perhaps gain even more weight than before? If the diet worked so well, why are you not on it now?

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When people come to me for help with weight loss, i always explain to them that the weight gain is not the problem but the end result of a solution your sub-conscious found for you.  We all have a subconscious mind and its only purpose is to keep you safe.  Everything your subconscious creates comes from a place of good intentions, doing what it believes will keep you safe. 

We aren’t usually aware of what the original problem was that led to the subconscious mind to find eating patterns or behaviours that led to weight gain.  It may have been that by eating certain foods it made you feel loved, or that by gaining a few extra inches around the waist gives you less attention.  Whatever the root cause is, it no longer needs to be relevant.  During hypnosis you will ask this old part to find new healthier ways to fulfil that original need, replacing the old behaviours and creating new ones that will serve you better.


Whilst some people opt for expensive interventions such as weight loss surgery, which can carry significant risks in itself. The deeper levels of the neurological needs aren’t going to be changed or met. What I offer is safe, natural and affordable. You may find some ailments naturally resolving themselves as your health begins to improve and you deal with deeper issues that you may not have even realised were the cause.
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Benefits of Hypnotherapy

There are so any benefits of hypnosis.  I often find that clients report back to me that not only did hypnotherapy help with their initial problem but also with other things that they hadn’t considered.  The biggest one that people notice is that their personal relationships improve so much because they are no longer holding on to negative emotions such as anger or resentment, or because they’ve been so wrapped up in anxiety that they didn’t process the fact that their partner was affectionate

Many people find that after receiving hypnosis they are able to relax easier, have a greater sense of well-being, lower pulse rate, reduced blood pressure and even improved sleep. 

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