How many times have you tried to do something with willpower alone and succeeded? I would put my money on being not many.

We’ve all been there, wanting to lose weight, avoiding certain foods, wanting to go to the gym regular, wanting to quit smoking, wanting to stop swearing or chewing our nails.  So why is it that with our best conscious intentions do we often end up falling flat on our face?   

The answer is simple.  Willpower happens in our conscious mind.  The conscious mind is an army of 10%.  It is our conscious mind that compares, contrasts, analyses and criticises that cause us to want to change our behaviours and habits.  Because of this we then approach the change in a conscious way, using willpower.

Now the subconscious mind is an army of 90%.  Its the place where all our behaviours, habits, emotions, thoughts, senses, beliefs & values are.  These really are the very core of who we are.  

To try to stop smoking at a conscious level using will power is a losing battle for most people because they are fighting all those unconscious parts of who we are, you would be fighting your beliefs of things like “i’m a smoker”, “it’s hard to quit smoking”, “smoking does x for me”. You would be fighting the senses from the body, those automatic cues of wanting a cigarette, those thoughts and feelings – often called cravings, the breaking down of the daily habitual parts of smoking, those auto cues of its morning have a cig, you ate, time for a cig. You’re drinking with friends, time for a cig.  

What you are also fighting with the subconscious mind is it’s positive intention for you.  On a conscious level you aren’t usually aware of what the positive intention is, however at the time your subconscious deemed that behaviour the best option to fulfill that need.  Your subconscious mind is incredibly lazy and so will keep running that behaviour or habit until it is replaced with another.  

Incredibly frustrating right?

So if the conscious mind is fighting a losing battle, how do you get the change  you want if the subconscious mind is too lazy to change the behaviour?

In hypnosis we bypass the critical factor to access the subconscious mind.  There are 2 ways of bypassing the critical factor.  The first is with a shock which is why some people can quit smoking instantly, its because the shock was strong enough to cause a change, we are all different and no 2 shocks are the same.  For some it may be a shock as small as seeing an image of someone suffering effects of smoking, for others it might be a leg amputation and for others there is no shock big enough.  The second way to bypass the critical factor is through hypnosis/relaxation/confusion.  With this way we are able to communicate directly with the subconscious mind and find out its positive intention, and offer alternative behaviours that are more in alignment with your new goal.

Because we are communicating directly with the subconscious mind and working from that part of you we are now in the army of 90% which means very high success in achieving your new goal.  

Now you know the secret to why willpower isn’t enough you can stop trying to achieve your goals and work on actually attaining them with much more ease, and far quicker without any backsliding through hypnosis.

If you are ready to stop trying and start achieving book a strategy call with me to discover how I can help you get there